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Since my childhood, I always wanted to share my world, show what I think, what I want, what I do and what I am: son of a seamstress and a worker, I got an education of aesthetics and material working.

At 8, I started my skulls collection.

At 15, I wanted an awesome indian bust in my art classrom, stoled it, modl it and then put the original in it's place (The professor didn't want to lend me). A good first experience of modl.

At 16, I started to grow up my interest to interior decoration. 
At 19 I successfully passed a graphic degree, I quickly made design and creating my priority.

At 23, 2006, My first skull art is sold in Paris.

Until now, I turned a grow up passion into a real lifestyle. I live from my art, spend a lot of time into my studio to experiment materials and volumes. Each piece I made is a real story and bring you into a little part of my fantasy world. 


All my products are draw, mold, sculpt, modl, sanded, painted, 

shooted, wrapped, sent 100% by myself at my own workshop in Paris.


                                                        -Grégory Besson-



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